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  • Bondy lets you connect


    using a single
    networking platform

    Bondy is an open-source, always-on and scaleable application networking platform connecting all elements of a distributed application—offering service and event mesh capabilities combined.

    From web and mobile apps to IoT devices and backend microservices, Bondy allows everything to talk using one simple and secured communication protocol in a decoupled and dynamic way.

    Bondy implements the open Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP).

  • Bondy Diagram
  • Bondy Diagram
  • Accidental complexity is dragging you down

    The need for multiple communication patterns, integration and security results in too many libraries, protocols and infrastructure components.

    This is because technologies like gRPC, service mesh and event mesh were designed as silos, each one requiring its own protocol, constantly adding elements to your development and operations stack.

  • Unleash your super powers with Bondy

    • Open universal protocol providing both routed RPC and publish/subscribe—service and event mesh capabilities combined
    • Multi-tenant security with embedded Authentication and Authorization services (RBAC)
    • Peer-to-Peer programming model—any component can play any and all roles e.g. microservice calling a procedure on a web or mobile app
    • Programming language agnostic—use any existing WAMP client library
    • Multiple transports and serialization formats
    • No sidecars, no additional infrastructure dependencies
    • Scaleable and Always-on—a cluster with control plane data replication
  • Bondy Diagram

Trusted in production

These companies trust Bondy as their application networking platform.

  • Strix
  • Lo/Jack

Want to learn more?

We are working hard on Bondy 1.0 release, documentation and community tools. If you want to know more about building distributed applications using Bondy subscribe here!